Pacific Ocean Row

The Great Pacific Rowing Race is a bi-annual event hosted by New Ocean Wave. While there are other races of this kind on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, this is the first race ever on the Pacific, and the only ocean crossing race that launches and lands in the United States. The route takes international crews from Monterrey Bay, California across 2400 miles of the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu, Hawaii. Using only human power, crews row around the clock in an effort not just to be the first across, but to simply make it across. On average; four-person crews take around 30-55 days, a pair 35-80 days and a single 45-90 days.

race route


Success in an event of this scale requires a combination of skills including; navigational know-how, weather routing skills, physical ability, mental strength, and a bit of luck.

You can learn more on the race’s Facebook page or their Website.


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