The Rower Guy

Ryan in the South Pacific

Ryan Worth 

Age: 28

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Occupation: Coach/Handyman/Educator

Bio: I work in outdoor recreation and as a rowing coach with a particular interest in sharing the outdoors and active lifestyles with others.  Growing up my family often enjoyed camping, hunting, and fishing trips.  I am also an Eagle Scout and enjoys riding bicycles, trekking, whitewater paddling, sailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and running.

In 2005 I started rowing for the Chattanooga Junior Rowing team. My senior year I captained the team and went to Junior Nationals for the second time.  That same year I had begun telling friends that I wanted to row across an ocean.  My rowing addiction continued into college at UT Knoxville where I was elected novice team captain freshman year and Club President for my junior and senior years. In 2011 I finally made my dream happen and rowed with 15 others on a 13 meter catamaran from Morocco to Barbados in a 3100 mile crossing that took 48 days.  Since that crossing I also began sailing and have logged over 40 days and 3500 blue water sailing miles.

Following the Atlantic crossing, I returned to Knoxville and completing my B.S. degree in Environmental and Soil Science and continued into a Masters program in Sports Psychology.  In May of 2013 Ryan set off to South America and joined the crew of the 46′ Sloop ‘Blue Moon’ in the Galapagos Islands. 3 months of scuba diving, mountain biking, snorkeling, hiking, climbing, and 3500 miles of sailing later I departed Tahiti for Seattle, climbed Mt. Rainier with two friends, and hiked the John Muir trail with another friend before returning to Knoxville.

Once back in Knoxville I worked as a landscaper and carpenter for a stint before serving almost two years as a full time coach and facilities manager at the Oak Ridge Rowing Association. In August of 2015 I moved to the D1 college level and currently work as an Assistant Coach for Men’s and Women’s rowing teams at Stetson University in DeLand, FL. In my spare time I travel and plan for my next adventure.




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