Our Big Planet is a Little Island

Perspective is a funny thing. When we talk about rowing oceans it can seem daunting and even unattainable. The world is huge.  Really, really big.  Vast.  Massive.  Colossal.  Elephantine. You get the point; to row 3000 miles of this planet’s big open ocean in a boat only 26 feet long is a tall order. As a wise old Chinese guy said a really long time ago; a really long journey begins with a single step. I don’t know if he said anything about the rest of the journey but that first step is then followed by a bunch more steps. Rowing an ocean is the same way, a bunch of strokes piled up over a month or two or three, maybe more, will get a little boat across a big ocean.

If we shift our perspective and think about tsunamis the world gets a lot smaller. Those puppies cover that same expansive ocean in a matter of hours and make the world seem a whole lot more connected. The Pacific Tsunami Warning center has a cool YouTube channel that makes those big oceans feel a lot smaller, and our neighbors on the other side of this space island feel a lot closer. Check out the far reaching effects of the earthquake that shook Chile last week:

You can find other videos on their channel, from historic quakes to the tsunami a few years ago out of Japan.



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