We’ve all got to remember to do what makes us tick

We’ve all got to remember to do what makes us tick. To do it daily, unapologetically, and with love. Here’s a cool short video from one of National Geographic’s film makers on doing what he loves, even when it’s not easy. http://ow.ly/qYR4X

The team gets asked all the time, “Why do you want to row an ocean?” To most it seems uncomfortable, expensive, difficult, arduous, and generally akin to tourture. In many ways it is.  But the dispite these aspects we want to row an ocean to spend time communing with a part of our planet few will ever get to see, and to do so in a way even fewer will ever experience.  We want to test ourselves and in doing so come to a better understanding of who we are, and we want to risk all that discomfort in exchange for an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.  In doing so we hope to inspire others to do the same, to do what makes them tick.

two roads-one less traveled
When what motivates us gets hard and we’re forced to fight for it; we all wonder if the path of least resistance may be the way to go, but there’s no reward there. As Robert Frost would say, take the road less travelled, even if it looks like more work.

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